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Jimmy Butler spends some time outdoors

ESPN writer Sam Alipour catches up with Jimmy Butler for some outdoor activities.

Are there sharks out here?

In a video published last night titled Living that Minnesota lifestyle with Jimmy Butler, ESPN writer Sam Alipour caught up with the Wolves superstar wing to chat while doing some outdoor activities in Minnesota.

This is another good example of the type of guy Butler is and the attitude he’s bringing to the team. He is genuine, honest, and often hilarious. The burning desire to win is also always apparent. Basically he’s the best.

Butler briefly touches on the Bulls choosing the Fred Hoiberg route over him. "I got that game marked on my calendar,” he says. “February 9th baby, I'm back!" (That revenge game is going to be incredibly entertaining to watch.)

Jimmy falls out of the canoe during the video (did we just figure out how he came down with that upper respiratory illness?) and also talks about how Thibs has changed during their second go around together.

“I think he’s really added the people aspect of it,” says Butler. “Now he’s coming in, he’s laughing, he’s joking around a little bit, he’s asking ‘hey how’s your wife, how are your kids.’ That’s a big part of this thing because you gotta understand basketball’s not the most important thing in my life, and I think he’s starting to realize that.”

How was their relationship in the early days? “Couldn’t stand him,” Butler admits, though once Thibodeau started noticing Jimmy everything started to change.

At the end of the day, Butler just wants to win. That’s the theme of almost every interview — including this entertaining one above — he has done since arriving in Minnesota. Watching him sacrifice the All-Star numbers for the good of the team over the first 10 games, resulting in an excellent 7-3 start, solidifies that message.

And no Jimmy Buckets, there are no sharks out there!