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Wolvescast 62: Panda Boba

Another week, another podcast!

Neil makes a triumphant return to the podcast to discuss the Tom Thibodeau minutes issue. Also the rise of Jimmy Butler, Kevin Garnett’s desire to own the Timberwolves, a holiday edition of Howling Out, freezing Cold Takes, Gorgui Dieng giving back to Senegal, a game and more.

This episode of Wolvescast is sponsored by the Tom Thibodeau Menorah


Kings of the North podcast

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Tom Thibodeau is Destruction -

Kevin Garnett discusses Turner’s Area 21, his media career, why “live TV is crackin” -

Timberwolves center Gorgui Dieng gives back to his native Senegal — and then some -

Karl-Anthony Towns on NBA Unicorns, Minnesota’s Minutes Gap, and Learning Tom Thibodeau’s Defense -