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Grain Belt, First Ave, and More City Jersey Suggestions

Representing Minneapolis never looked so good.

Last week, NBA 2k18 leaked images of 28 of the 30 “City” jerseys that Nike plans on debuting for each team in the coming weeks. Reactions to the Timberwolves’ newest kit ranged from “blah” to “meh.” The plain grey uniform drew comparisons to the winter sky and dirty snow on city curbs. It’s not very exciting, to say the least. As longtime residents of Minneapolis, Neil and Scott have designed a few suggestions for Nike for the future.

The Friendly Jersey

No self-respecting bar in the Twin Cities would be caught without a stock of the friendly beer, Grain Belt Premium. As anybody who has driven northeast over the Hennepin Avenue Bridge can tell you, Grain Belt is part of the visual identity of Minneapolis.

The Lumberjack Jersey

If Paul Bunyan was still around (and real), he’d probably be a pretty good basketball player. Many states claim him, but we all know Paul is from Minnesota. A warm flannel shirt is an essential item in any Minnesotan’s wardrobe.

The Paisley Purple Jersey

Forget Bob Dylan, Prince is Minnesota’s favorite son. Scott has been advocating for a paisley purple uniform on Wolvescast for years. Prince loved basketball, the Timberwolves, and the Twin Cities. This is a no-brainer. Instead of player names on the back of the jerseys, these uniforms would instead feature the love symbol. Game: Blouses.

The Aurora Borealis Jersey

Toronto can say “We the North” all they like. We know which team is actually further north. The new Wolves logo prominently features the north star, so a jersey featuring the colors of the northern lights is a logical extension of that idea.

The Land Speed Record Jersey

If you’ve never had a drunk adult ramble about Zen Arcade to you on public transit, can you really consider yourself a Minnesotan?

The First Ave Jersey

One of the most iconic buildings in the state, First Avenue has been a downtown staple long before the Target Center moved next door. The player names on the back of the jerseys would naturally be encased inside a star.

The Mall of America Jersey

If you quiz an out-of-state friend about their knowledge of Minnesota, the Mall of America will inevitably be one of the first things they name. Despite being in Bloomington, this city jersey pays homage to the good old days of Camp Snoopy with its throwback logo.