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Episode 3 of the Canis Hoopus Podcast: Kevin Garnett is the GOAT

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Since 1997, Kevin Garnett has the greatest single season PER 2.0 Score.

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Hey again Canis Hoopers,

This episode is a slam dunk! Just like our favorite young basketball team, the Canis Hoopus Podcast keeps improving. Join Chris Riazi (@CanisClyde), Dane Moore (@NikolaPekovic), and John Meyer (@thedailywolf ) for the third episode on SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher.



Show Notes:

01:16 — Week in review

02:27 — Unstoppable Wiggins

10:36 — Wiggins Dunk of the Year

11:57 — The Pacers were on fire!

13:48 — KAT’s 3-point shooting

20:18 — The evolution of the center position (Brook Lopez, Mark Gasol, Nikola Jokic)

24:04 — Gorgui Dieng

28:14 — Opposing fives thrive

31:04 — The Peksecution

35:37 — Steph Rubio (+ Thibs impressions)

45:07 — Playoff chances vs lottery odds

50:41 — Iowa Energy Acquisition

54:09 — Kevin Garnett had the best statistical season in the last 20 years!

57:27 — Comcast v. Playstation VUE

58:05 — Trieu Chau review

59:21 — Fish sauce

We ran out of time this episode, but please keep the mailbag questions coming, and we will try to get to some next episode.

Lastly, a quick correction. Murderball is about wheelchair rugby, not basketball, but I would think almost all sports fan would enjoy it.