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Episode 6: Roses & Rubios, and the Last Stand of the Twin Towers

More epic stuff on the newest pod.

Salutations, my canine comrades!

Please enjoy the latest of the greatest Timberwolves podcast!

This basketball broadcasting boon will be available on iTunes and Stitcher soon!

Your ol’ pal, Clyde, shall bid adieu with this episode guide:

00:34 — Roses & Rubios

10:31 — Dane’s Deadline Details & The Selectivity of the Celtics

13:35 — The Patience of The Pack

15:01 — A Kris Dunn bed, and ridiculous Rubio rumors

17:08 — NBA owner xenophobia

21:00 — The Last Stand of the Twin Towers

27:26 — Last dance with Lance?

28:18 — Phone Terrance Jones?

29:44 — Amy Adams Assessment

32:12 — Back on the trade track: Nerlens Noel

37:40 — PJ Tucker

39:45 — Lou Williams & the trajectory of the Rockets, as they continue launching the DEEP ball!

43:44 — Nurk the Jerk Primadonna v Mase

48:37 — DANE MOORE’S RAPID FIRE!!! Who is going to step up for the pups?

50:56 — What do The Bones say about Tyus Jones?

54:39 — Mr. Moore ponders the Cap Floor

59:12 — Who’s the 8th best in the West?

62:27 — The penultimately pathetic team, plus the return of the MAD DAWG and the Mount Rushmore of Tanking!

65:47 — Happy trails, we’re off the rails . . . Gor-Gui DiJeng!