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Game Thread #70: Wolves at Lakers

The Minnesota Timberwolves (28-42) take on the Los Angeles Lakers (20-51)

Who: Timberwolves and the Lakers

What: Late season basketball

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA (also FS North)

When: 9:30 pm CST

Why: For the Wolves, it’s a chance to start the three-game road trip off on a good note while desperately clinging onto their 1% playoff chances. For the Lakers, who have already been officially eliminated, tonight’s contest is all about finding out how deep the tank really goes. They’ve dropped 14 of the last 15 games, and Luke Walton is starting to get antsy. In their last game against the Clippers, after giving up 70 points at the half, Walton benched his starters in disgust to begin the third. Yet, somehow, someway, I know that this guy still thinks the Lakers have a chance tonight

Can we, as a collective group of CHers, promise that we will never turn into this man? Even with all of the future championships that are inevitably coming our way. Could we circulate a petition that we will never hang a gold Wolves logo from a thick gold rope while wearing an imitation championship ring? Please?

Unless, of course, the new Wolves logo is straight fire. I guess there’s a loophole to my petition plan. Maybe we wait unless the rebranding reveal before signing anything.

The Wolves will head to Portland tomorrow and Indiana on Tuesday to complete the road trip. Every game is now “must win” for the Wolves, and hopefully the team is up for the fight. It seems that Andrew Wiggins might be. He adopted Kawhi Leonard’s hairstyle to add a little extra oomph to his game. As John Meyer noted:

For an actual preview post that provides good content and analysis, rather than prolonged discussions of jewelry and hairstyles, head over here. EIM dropping knowledge, per usual.

Injury Report

Timberwolves: Zach Lavine (rusty spring), Nemanja Bjelica (foot stuff), Nikola Pekovic (bone knife accident) are out.

Lakers: Timofey Mozgov (tanking) and Luol Deng (tanking) are out. Brandon Ingram (knee) is probable.

This is going to be a late one, with eyeball competition from other, unnamed sporting contests (come on you Badgers!), but the game must go on. Tune in to see if Andrew keeps his Kawhi’s in place, to see if Ricky goes off again, or to see KAT continue his epic season. Also, it always feels good to beat up on the Lakers.

Follow @canishoopus throughout the evening, stop on over to Silver Screen and Roll to say “sup?” to our blogging buddies, and enjoy the game.

Let’s Go Wolves! Thread is now open for bidness.