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Canis Hoopus Episode 7: All Jazzed Up!

Plus, we rave about the runnin’ Rockets.

Hey Canis Hoopers,

We really hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

Listen on SoundCloud,




Here are the show notes:

00:00 — We are all jazzed up. Are the playoffs a possibility?

03:47 — The Wolves’ formidable net rating

06:45 — Next week’s schedule

08:00 — Karl Towns adds The Iron Leg to his posting & toasting repertoire

10:09 — Dane calls Chris on his hypocrisy, and then Chris rants about the jab step 3

12:15 —Wiggins scoring streak

13:34 — Are the runnin’, gunnin’ Rockets breaking basketball?

16:31 — We rip on Brandon Rush

18:03 — If Belly gets comfy, what’s his ceiling?

20:21 — Did we mention that the Wolves destroyed the Jazz? They never let up, and neither do we

22:07 — Taking care of business against weaker teams

24:02 — What’s the significance of the steal streak?

29:00 — The Durant Injury, the playoff picture, and the badass Spurs

33:30 — Have the conferences balanced?

35:50 — Our picks for a Finals sans the Warriors or the Cavs

40:23 — We diverge into the realm of art, discussing Guillermo Del Toro’s show at the MIA, Key and Peele movies, and the Minnesota comedy scene.