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Wolves vs. Blazers Postponed

The Wolves and Blazers did not play last night because of unsafe conditions.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Wolves and Blazers game at Target Center last night had to be postponed due to a slippery floor caused by condensation from the ice temporarily installed below the court for both hockey and Disney on Ice.

Although disappointing, especially for fans in attendance, many of whom paid for transportation and/or parking to see the game, it was obviously the right decision. Our own John Meyer who was at the arena informs me that the conditions were terrible, and trying to play would have been a real mistake.

The game will be rescheduled, likely for early April. Hopefully they can sort this problem out before Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the postponement of the Wolves may have allowed you to watch the Rockets at Spurs, which was an epic contest. Both James Harden and Kawhi Leonard scored 39 in this one, but Leonard dominated the fourth quarter with 17 points, including the go-ahead three pointer late, and then blocked Harden on a drive in the final 20 seconds to lead the Spurs to their third straight close win. He looked like an MVP again last night.

Elsewhere, the Nuggets beat the Kings at home last night behind Wilson Chandler’s 36 and 12. The playoffs are barely a possibility at this point for the Wolves, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to win down the stretch.

In other news, Minnesota United FC opened their inaugural MLS season in Portland on Saturday, and promptly got blitzed 5-1. The Loons got their goal from a popular holdover from their NASL days, Christian “Superman” Ramirez, but struggled defensively, particularly in wide areas, and made too many mistakes to hang with one of the strongest attacks in the league. They have their home opener on Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium against fellow expansion club Atlanta United.

I remember going to watch the Minnesota Thunder (and seeing Tony Sanneh!) at Macalester in the mid-90s with, perhaps, dozens of others in attendance. And now the descendants of that club are playing at the highest professional level in the U.S. I’m going all in on the Loons.

Today in History

321: Roman Emperor Constantine decrees Sunday (Solis Invicti) the day of rest.
1530: The Pope denies Henry VIII’s request for a divorce, which ultimately leads to the formation of the Church of England.
1774: British close Boston port to all trade.
1801: Massachusetts enacts first voter registration law, and look where we are now.
1876: Alexander Graham Bell patents telephone.
1902: Boers defeat British in the Transvaal.
1912: Roald Amundson announces discovery of South Pole.
1917: February Revolution begins in Russia.
1962: Beatles make broadcast debut on BBC Radio.
1994: Charles Taylor resigns as President of Liberia
1994: Nelson Mandela rejects right-wing call for separate homeland in South Africa.
1996: First elected Palestinian parliament formed.

Today’s musical birthday is Townes van Zandt, born in 1944 (d. 1997.)