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Wolves to Sign Lance Stephenson to Second 10-Day Contract

After rehabbing his ankle injury in Minnesota, Stephenson will be back on the active roster.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Wolves are planning to sign wing Lance Stephenson to another 10-Day contract following his ankle rehab. Stephenson appeared in four games for the Wolves during his first 10-Day, which was cut short by an ankle sprain, but the team apparently saw enough in that short stint to want to bring him back.

It was fairly clear this was the plan when Stephenson stayed in Minneapolis to rehab despite not being under contract. I can’t say I’m particularly happy with it, for a couple of reasons: first, Stephenson’s well-documented behavior is not remotely appealing, and second because he’s not very good.

The question is whether Stephenson’s presence will curtail the playing time of Tyus Jones, who has patiently waited for his opportunities and taken advantage of them. With few other options, he has finally gotten into the rotation, sharing the court mostly with one of the other point guards given the lack of available wings.

In other news, Adreian Payne has returned to practice after treatment for a blood disorder that has kept him out for several weeks. He’s unlikely to be available for games this week, but his recovery and ability to practice is good news.


Gorgui Dieng working to send needed supplies to Senegal. Good work.

We will be back later today with a preview of tonight’s game against the Clippers at Target Center, when hopefully the floor will be playable.

Today’s musical birthday is Gary Numan, born in 1958. I picked this song for the Artist Formerly Known as RBE.