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Clyde’s Creativity Critique: The New Timberwolves Logo

This Combination of New and Old is Growing on Clyde like Mold.

Hey there Canis Hoopers,

It is I, Clyde Frazier, the sage of styling and profiling! The Canis Hoopus staff needed someone to critique the new logo, and I thought, “Who better than I?” After all, where would pimps and rappers be without me?

But enough about my stylistic singularity. We’re here to discuss the new logo:

I don’t think it reaches the level of “great,” but on the flip side, I’m not filled with hate. When I heard the man who designed this logo would be designing the Wolves’, I was terribly terrified:

Yuck. And this is coming from a man who glories in garishness. The mustardy-bronze yellow, the complexity, the odd shades of red and blue ... Just, ew. They should have just kept the Mardi Gras colors and made King Cake Baby the mascot:

Sure, he’s terrifying, but in Ol’ Clyde’s opinion, he’s just so damn unique he’s chique. He’s hardly scarier than this malevolent monstrosity:

But alas, Ol’ Clyde’s off task. Let’s return to our discussion of the Wolves logo once again. At least they got rid of this, which rivals the Pelicans logo for complexity:

And I’m glad they stayed with the howling wolf theme. This has always been my favorite Wolves logo:

Which causes Clyde to ponder: How much did RARE Design charge Glen Taylor to flip the old secondary logo and “paintbucket” in Seahawks colors?

Look! That took Ol’ Clyde less than 2 minutes, and I’m halfway there. I just need to get rid of the trees, slap in a super-simple font with the team name and add a green jello ... star. I guess RARE learned nothing from the critique of the Washington Wizards latest logo:

I’m going to abstain and refrain from “anal-yzing” this logo, but the first version of it on Google images links to this article.

Well my Canis comrades, it could be worse. At least I’m not inclined to rage and curse. This variant with the black ain’t too whack:

It will take some getting used to, but I guess this new logo is growing on me like a lime-green fungus...

Clyde’s Aside:

I guess I’m an old-school fool, but I still think the classic hand-drawn logos are the most cool. I get a little sicker every time a logo gets more aggressive and slicker: