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NBA Playoffs Day Three: Pacers at Cavs, Grizzlies at Spurs

Two games on tonight’s slate, the 2-7 matchups in each conference.

NBA: Playoffs-Indiana Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers at Cavaliers
6:00 pm CDT

The Cavs eked out a one point win in game one of this series, which will likely prove to have been the Pacers best opportunity to steal a game and put some pressure on. Cleveland’s defensive problems persisted, but they are so good on offense that it probably won’t matter much in the early rounds of the playoffs.

The Pacers had their shot to win at the end, but failed to convert. Perhaps they will be heartened by how close they came in game one and come out with renewed confidence, but when you are the weaker team, you have to have everything break right, and failing to capitalize on their chance on Saturday hurts.

Grizzlies at Spurs
8:30 pm CDT

The Grizzlies had an unsustainably hot start to game one, opening up a double digit lead in the first quarter. It couldn’t, and didn’t last, as the Spurs depth and defense came to the fore and resulted in a blow out for the home team.

The Grizz simply lack the weapons to consistently hurt San Antonio, who can go deep in to their bench to find combinations that work, while the Grizzlies are reliant on primarily two guys—Marc Gasol, who was brilliant in game one, and Mike Conley to carry the load. The Spurs expect, and get, a lot from Kawhi Leonard, but have a raft of smart, quality ball players up and down the roster.

Enjoy the games, chat here.