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Weekend Cup of Canis

This and that for your weekend.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

We are still days away from the Finals, which will begin in Oakland on Thursday, so what to do in the meantime?

One thing is to pay attention to the Lynx, who moved to 5-0 last night with a win in Connecticut. The Lynx are rolling thanks to their defense and the MVP caliber play of Sylvia Fowles on both ends of the court. Neil is doing a great job covering the Lynx for us, so give him your eyeballs.

Also, Minnesota United is at home this evening hosting Orlando. The Loons have had their ups and downs in their first MLS season, but since the first couple of games have been competitive and entertaining.

What else is going on?

OK, here’s a talker. The Spurs. There is serious talk that they are trying to figure out how to pursue Chris Paul this summer, who is a free agent.

Two questions:

First, The Spurs have been great for 20 years. Was LaMarcus Aldridge the first big money free agent they signed from another team in that entire stretch? Am I forgetting someone? Is starting to sign big money FAs the sign of the beginning of the end? The decadence that sets in before the inevitable decline of the empire? Can we analogize this to the Roman Empire? What ya got?

Second, would the Wolves take Pau Gasol for free? Presuming he opts in to his $16M for 2017-18, the Spurs would likely need to move that salary to help create space for Paul. The Wolves pursued Gasol last summer in free agency, but he chose to sign a two year deal (second year player option) with the Spurs. He did not look good in the playoffs, and his mobility is clearly a problem, but he still had good numbers during the regular season.

He played 25 minutes a game and put up per-36 numbers of 17.5/11/3.3 with 1.5 blocks. He shot it well, particularly from three. He can still probably help.

But of course taking on his salary is a stop-gap that precludes using the cap space for a longer-term piece. I’m not so much asking if you think they should do this as much as I’m asking how tempted you think the Wolves would be.

Mostly just a thread for the weekend. Talk about what you will.