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NBA Playoffs: Who Has a Broom?

Just the one game tonight, maybe the last of the season for the Jazz.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Warriors at Jazz
8:00 pm CDT

Game three of this series was fun—a pumped Jazz crowd in Utah, a terrific effort from the home team—but in the end the result was the same: Another Warriors win. It put them up three-zero in the series and tonight they have a chance to sweep and go home to await the winner of Spurs-Rockets.

Game three was a display of just how much talent the Warriors bring at opponents. Klay Thompson is a non-factor and shoots 1-9? Stephen Curry struggles on 6-20 from the field? No problem! Here comes Kevin Durant to drop 38 on you!

The Jazz played well in game three, particularly on defense, holding the Warriors significantly below their normal shooting standards. The Jazz also got 50 points combined from Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert (though Gobert’s 7-15 from the free throw line didn’t help the cause,) but were let down by a bench that managed only ten points. It’s clear they just don’t have enough.

But it wasn’t enough. The Warriors made things tough on the Jazz, used their superior depth, and rode Durant’s individual brilliance to another win.

As I wrote before game three, I’d love to see the Jazz get one in this series, but I suspect that was their chance. Now down 3-0, I expect the Warriors to close this out in business-like fashion tonight, which would lock in two of the Conference Finalists: The Cavaliers in the East along with the Warriors.

I predicted before the season (in our predictions article) that the Warriors and Cavs would not both make the Finals for the third straight year. Just thought there was a good chance something would happen to prevent it—having the same Finalists three years in a row would be quite unusual. It’s now looking like I will wind up getting that prediction wrong, along with all my other inaccurate predictions.

Anywho. You get what you pay for. Chat about the game here.