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NBA Notes: Jimmy Butler, Andre Iguodala, David Griffin, Oh My

What a week.

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The two weeks of the NBA off-season starting, well, now, and extending through the first few days of free agency are absolutely bonkers.

Alternatively exhilarating fun and abjectly terrifying, it got started in earnest over the weekend with the huge Celtics-Sixers deal, and ramped up for Wolves fans yesterday.

First rumors surfaced that Andre Iguodala, a key player on the Warriors championship team, would entertain other offers when free agency begins, and the Wolves are one of the teams expected to express interest. John wrote about it yesterday.

My quick take: Love Iggy. He’s also not young. I would probably roll the dice, but would be a lot happier with a three year deal as opposed to four. He’d help in a lot of areas. He’s a terrific defender and play maker, things the Wolves need on the wing. He would bring some winning lessons to the team, and help them improve. To use a Thibs word: Habits. I’m of the belief that they need some winning to really develop.

Then Woj dropped the bomb that the Wolves and Bulls have been in preliminary contact about Jimmy Butler. This was a hot rumor last year on draft night, when they were apparently close to a deal, and now it’s getting revived, as Drew covered.

My quick take: Not sure the Bulls are yet willing, but if so...yes please. Butler is a terrific player who does almost everything well. Do-everything wings are among the most valuable player types in the NBA, and are pretty rare. The opportunity to get one doesn’t come around often, and if the Wolves can make it happen, it immediately makes them a better team and gives them another anchor, and a two-way player they have desperately lacked. a somewhat bizarre turn, David Griffin is leaving the Cavs after a successful stint as their GM. This apparently came as a surprise to LeBron James, which is probably not a good thing. It’s unclear what exactly happened here, but it appears to have been Dan Gilbert who ultimately decided to send Griffin, whose contract was about to expire, packing. a mistake. It’s unclear who is making decisions now for the Cavs, as they scramble to make a major deal, if reports are to be believed. It struck me yesterday that there appears to be a bit of George Steinbrenner in the soul of Dan Gilbert.

There will no doubt be a lot more rumblings today, so talk about them here, and remember: Rumors will fly over the next couple of weeks; most of them won’t come true.

Have an open thread.