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Jordan Hill Waived

The Timberwolves have waived Jordan Hill

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

To little surprise, the Wolves have waived Jordan Hill as free agency moves closer and closer. Hill’s $4.1 million for next year was not guaranteed, and this frees up a little more space for the Wolves to operate as they chase marquee free agents to help shore up their roster.

Hill did not play much last year and was an end-of-the-bench big who was behind Cole Aldrich in the rotation. Hill played in just 7 games, averaging 6.7 minutes per game played. He scored 1.9 points per game, averaged 2 rebounds per game, and did not record an assist or block. Hill’s main minutes came in one game this year, on Christmas Day, when Thibs suddenly brought him against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

His extravagant hair shall be missed, but the Wolves certainly needed the cap space this free agency as they try to fill out their roster now that Jimmy Butler has come to town. The life of the NBA journeyman will have to find a new place to stop.