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The JM to DM Show: Jimmy G. Buckets

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Instagram: @jimmybutler

In Episode 1 of the JM to DM Show (we are not clever), we discuss the Wolves sensational trade for Jimmy Butler (GET BUCKETS) and what the blockbuster move means for the franchise moving forward. No...we are not sliding into random people’s DMs. We are NBA junkies who often talk about basketball from AM to PM.

Our goal is to do shorter shows, around 30 minutes, about twice a week with a variety of guests, including bloggers and writers, fans, team personnel, and maybe a player or two if we are lucky enough. I’m still teaching my dog (Lord Rubio of House Meyer) how to bark at all of our garbage takes.

Hope you enjoy! We look forward to continuing the discussion in the comments here at Canis Hoopus.

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