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Karl-Anthony Towns is at Paris Saint-Germain for the day

You have to imagine he’d be quite the target man in the 18-yard box, right?

Little weird seeing KAT in a different team’s jersey, but what can you do.
Paris Saint-Germain on Twitter:

It appears that the cultural exchange between world soccer and the NBA goes both ways. After Barcelona’s Neymar enjoyed a front row seat to Game 2 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ own Karl-Anthony Towns appears to be enjoying the celebrity treatment from Paris Saint-Germain.

KAT looks like he’s having himself a grand old time in Paris, and while a cursory Google search revealed no significant history of soccer playing time, you’d imagine with KAT’s agility and footwork he’d be a quick learner, let alone sticking a 7-footer in the penalty box to dominate the air. However, soccer might not be the most wise off-season game for an NBA star, because if Towns were to be injured in a friendly game, that would be quite bad. Good health and safe travels to the big KAT in Paris.