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ICYMI: Jimmy Butler on The Six

Jimmy Butler joined The Six to talk about the Wolves, his love for football, Spades, shoes, and more.

In case you missed it, Jimmy Butler joined Jemele Hill and Michael Smith on The Six earlier this week. Jimmy is a wannabe football player. He was recently running routes with Demaryius Thomas and catching passes from Dak Prescott. It’s a different way to workout for him, he says.

Butler is thrilled to be back with Thibs (duh) and Taj (duh). Also, he refers to Jamal Crawford as “ScoreLord” and seems happy about the roster moves. The trade from Chicago does not sting. “We can win,” Butler says. “We got a really good shot. I’m happy with that. I really am.”

Jimmy also makes it clear that he and Melo beat Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in Spades. Don’t challenge Jimmy in Spades. Oh, and Butler wasn’t looking at KATs cards on the plane. It was his phone behind them. You know, the one he told Chicago critics to call if they had any issues with him.

keep your family close but your cards closer! @karltowns

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“I know that we can get this city rocking real, real soon if everybody comes into camp the way we should be shape-wise,” says Butler, when asked if he’s prepared to lead the Wolves to where they haven’t been in forever. “Be prepared to hear Thibs’ voice every single day. You got to handle that,” he concludes. (ICE, ICE, ICE) (DO YOUR JOB) (***********)

Butler’s 10,000 square foot River North mansion is on sale for $5 million. Jimmy doesn’t want people to know about his shoe situation there. I wonder if the boom box will make it’s way up North?

Mr. G. Buckets seems like one of the best NBA players to interview. He doesn’t talk in platitudes or give dull answers. Butler is genuine and seems like a really cool guy. His personality always shines during interviews. Minneapolis is going to LOVE him.