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Timberwolves Finish Summer League, Crawford Set to Sign, Notes

A weekend cup.

Middle Tennessee v Michigan State Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Summer League came to an end for the Wolves yesterday with a 80-73 victory over the Wizards in their consolation round game. Matt Costello, who was probably the Wovles’ most consistent performer throughout, finished with another double-double: 14 points (on a perfect 5-5 from the field) and 11 boards. Charles Cooke (13), Perry Ellis (12), and Marcus Paige (11) were the other summer Wolves in double-figures.

It seems unlikely that any of these players will earn a contract going forward, but Costello, Paige, and Cooke all had their moments and could possibly find a two-way deal, either with the Wolves or another team.

Elsewhere, Jerry Zgoda had a good piece on Jamal Crawford in the Star-Tribune. This quote stuck out:

“They showed they were serious, trying to get things done right away,” Crawford said. “I felt like the time is right. I felt like I could fit. At this point of my career, I could easily chase a championship. I’m not saying we won’t compete, but it’s not about that. I want to take the journey and go through the wars with these guys. The Cavs, they’ve been there. Those guys know what it’s like to be in the Finals and win a championship. The Warriors, same deal. If I went there and let’s say we happen to win, what’s next? Sometimes it’s more gratifying to help teams go from one point to another point.

“That’s the challenge. That’s what so fun about it. What if you went to the movies and knew how it ended when the movie started? It’s exciting because nobody really knows what we can be.”

As much as I didn’t like the signing, there is no doubt that Crawford is a bright guy who has always had a good locker room reputation. Hopefully he’s right when he insists he still has a lot left in the tank, despite my severe doubts.

At this point, the Wolves appear to be scouting around for guys to take minimum contracts to fill out the roster. Of course the better players left out there are waiting to see if they can get more, so there is a bit of a holding pattern happening. That could end at any time, but guys like Luc Mbah a Moute, who, apparently, Crawford has spoken with about the Wolves, are not going to be in a hurry to grab a minimum deal.

Three names mentioned yesterday as guys the Wolves are looking at are Aaron Brooks (who obviously has a Thibs connection,) Alan Anderson, and Anthony Morrow. I dunno, maybe those are just the “A’s.” Those are pretty bottom of the barrel names though.

But ultimately, these are the types of guys likely to be added. Which...I do think depth is going to be a problem this season, especially on the perimeter and at the wing spots.

We’ll see.

Have a great Saturday.