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NBA Free Agency: What Now?

The Wolves are slow playing, but what’s the end game?

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards - Game Five Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Wolves were rumored to be “big game hunting” heading into free agency, but so far the big game has either eluded them or they haven’t done much stalking.

One of their rumored targets, J.J. Redick, agreed to a one year deal with the Sixers yesterday, and it appears the Wolves didn’t actually make an offer. Andre Iguodala took one meeting (with the Rockets) before agreeing to re-sign with Golden State.

Paul Millsap, who many thought was their main target, appears on track as of this writing to sign with the Denver Nuggets, though it is not yet reported as done as of this writing. It’s not clear if the Wolves met with Millsap or made any sort of offer.

They are once again being prudent, which is fine, but are now looking at less pricey targets to provide depth, as the top end talent appears gone.

And of course who that might be is unknown.

They supposedly called on Thomas Robinson yesterday, though that would be more of an end of free agency signing than one for now.

To remind everyone, they currently have about $7M in cap space, which can easily become almost $15M if they renounce Shabazz Muhammad.

In order to create more space, a trade would be necessary.

The league as a whole is moving more slowly than it did during last summer’s frenzy that was driven by the unprecedented cap spike, and there are still players out there of interest.

And the Wolves have a very thin roster at the moment.

A non-exhaustive list of guys I like in no particular order:

Danilo Gallinari
Patrick Patterson
C.J. MIles
Thabo Sefolosha
P.J. Tucker
Dwayne Dedmon
Kyle Korver
Mike Dunleavy

So..what happens next?

Chat about it here.