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Maxing Wiggins, Lynx Continue to Roll, Notes

Saturday nonsense.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In a recent interview from Las Vegas published by SI, Andrew Wiggins praised the Wolves off-season, spoke of becoming an All-star, said he’s prioritized ball-handling and three point shooting in his summer work, and asserted that he’s worth “nothing less” than a maximum contract.

There was nothing earth shattering in the piece, and Wiggins refused to address possible trades involving Kyrie Irving. The contract negotiations are apparently ongoing, but the ball is in the Wolves court. There is no reason for Wiggins to settle for less than a max deal at this point, so the Wolves will have to make a decision—with of course the Irving possibility looming.

Woj reports that the Wolves are among several teams to have made an offer for Irving, but it’s unclear what. My guess is Wiggins has not (yet) been offered, and obviously that’s the ultimate decision to be made. It appears that everyone is moving cautiously at this point, just feeling things out. Eventually it will get more serious.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been keeping up with Neil’s excellent Lynx recaps, they moved to an amazing 18-2 last night with a win in Atlanta. Sylvia Fowles is playing like an MVP. It’s fantastic. The Lynx host Seattle Sunday evening at Xcel Energy Center, where they are playing their regular season games this year.

It was recently announced that, due to scheduling conflicts, their home playoff games will be held at Williams Arena.

MNUFC, who have been...not very entertaining over the last several weeks, host another terrible team in DC United tonight at TCF. It looks like fun to attend despite the rather grim soccer though. Three points an absolute must tonight.

Elsewhere, Taj Gibson did something nice in the face of tragedy: donated $20,000 to a gofundme to help take care of a three year old girl whose mother was killed in shooting in Brooklyn. Gibson himself has had relatives victimized by violence in the borough.

Finally, if you find yourself in Monona, WI today...stay off the roads. I am taking my daughter to her first driving lesson this afternoon.