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NBA Free Agency: Evening Rumor Roundup

With Gordon Hayward finally deciding on Boston, what happens next?

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Four Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

It felt like a slow day in the NBA as everyone waited on Gordon Hayward, who finally decided to leave Utah and sign with the Boston Celtics. A great signing for the C’s, though to me it doesn’t feel like quite enough to put them over the top in the East.

In response, the Jazz are meeting with Wizards RFA Otto Porter, though Washington seems likely to match any offer.

This obviously weakens the Jazz (sorry RIcky!) as a top caliber player finally moves East, against the prevailing tide.

The Celtics now likely will look to move a wing player, since they are overloaded and have some guys with value around the league. I doubt the Wolves have what it takes to get in on that, but they should inquire given their desperate need.

The C’s are also renouncing Kelly Olynyk in order to make space for Hayward.

On the Wolves front, they appear to be waiting to see who falls through the cracks that they can get with the room exception ($4.3M) and their remaining space (about $3M I believe.)

Some names they’ve been connected to include Nick Young (!), C.J. Miles, and Milos Teodosic. Don’t imagine any of them would sign for the room exception, but you never know I guess. Teodosic would be fun—he’s a magician with the ball who can shoot it, but doesn’t play defense and is something of a jerk (which might not be a bad thing.)

Omri Casspi, who was with the Wolves late last season, signed a minimum deal with the Golden State Warriors. That’s nice. I would not have been against seeing him back in a Wolves uniform this season, but a great landing spot obviously, and the Warriors get yet another bargain.

The Kings made deals with two veterans today: George Hill on a three year, $57M deal (sound familiar?) and Zach Randolph for 2/$24M. Interesting choices by the Kings. Potentially nice veteran pickups.

What else is catching your eye?

Talk about it.