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Moratorium Ends with Plenty of Players Still Unemployed

Sick of the old thread. In with the new one!

Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz - Game Six Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

The NBA moratorium ended today at noon eastern, which means deals can start being announced. So far, no word from the Wolves on the Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson signings, but it’s just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, Milos Teodosic, who the Wolves had some rumored interest in, has signed with the Clippers for two years (player option in year two) and $12M. He will start at point guard for L.A., which, if healthy, might be fun and pretty good.

The Wolves were vaguely connected to a new/old name today: Jamal Crawford. Crawford went to the Hawks in a three way deal, and is likely to be bought out. The Wolves were mentioned as a possible landing spot.

Crawford would not be my first choice. I think he’s pretty much done. If they are going after an old guy, go really old with Vince Carter, I say. That’s a signing I could get behind.

Rumors have the Celtics and Jazz working on a sign and trade for Gordon Hayward, which could involve Jae Crowder going to the Jazz. Obviously losing Hayward is not ideal, but if they can get Crowder back, that’s a bit of a win. He helps.

It’s very quiet in Wolves land. They appear to be waiting things out, seeing if they can get things done without moving the Thunder first, and generally waiting for bargains.

That might be the best course at this point, though my concern has always been that they get players Thibs will actually (have to?) play, as opposed to guys he can just ignore.

Meanwhile, we found out that Jimmy Butler pursued Taj Gibson pretty hard in free agency, so it’s good to know the signing makes our super star happy (more on this to come in the coming days.)

We’ll have both John Meyer and Dane Moore out at the Las Vegas Summer League, so expect plenty of both written and podded content from those two gentlemen, at least between benders.

What ya got?