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NBA Free Agency: Thibs Speaks

The Wolves are clearly waiting out the market in their search for players.

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Seemed like we needed a fresh thread, so here we go.

Tom Thibodeau spoke on a conference call with reporters today, and said about what you would expect him to, which is not much. He acknowledged that wings who can shoot and defend are the priority now in free agency, and thinks the are in “good position.”

That position is about $3 million in cap space and the room exception at about $4.3 million. It remains unclear where, specifically, their attention lies, but there was this just a few minutes ago:

I am not a Jamal Crawford fan. He’s been in real decline, and I think he’s probably done at this point.

The Wolves roster currently looks like this:

Jeff Teague
Tyus Jones

Jimmy Butler
Andrew WIggins

Nemanja Bjelica
Taj Gibson
Gorgui Dieng
Karl-Anthony Towns
Cole Aldrich
Justin Patton

Ten players under contract. At least one of whom (Patton) will not play, and another of whom (Aldrich) Thibs would apparently rather not play. And a third who is injured (Bjelica.)

Probably unrelated though you never know, the Wolves Summer League gets underway tomorrow at 5:30 pm CDT. We’ll have a thread for that vital encounter.

This is your fresh thread. Try not to mess it up too badly.