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Summer Wolves vs. Summer Nuggets, and Some Comments About the Site

The Summer Wolves continue their Vegas Odyssey today.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Buffalo Practice Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Summer Wolves vs. Summer Nuggets
5:30 pm CDT

After a rather abysmal performance in their opener against the Raptors, a blowout loss that featured little in the way of individual excellence, the Summer Wolves will try to do better today against the Summer Nuggets.

As usual, follow @thedailywolf and @nikolapekovic for updates from Vegas; John will no doubt be giving us the Ryan Saunders sartorial report again today.

This is your game thread.

Now that’s out of the way, I have some things to say about the site, specifically the comment section.

We need to do better everyone. This is supposed to be both fun, and, I hope, intellectually stimulating. It’s gotten too personal, too...aggressive in recent days. This has to stop.

People are going to have differing opinions, that’s the nature of life. We can’t let it offend us on a visceral level when we are disagreed with.

Please try to state your point positively. Disagree at will, but avoid name calling. “I think you’re wrong,” works better than “What are you stupid?” Or “Have you ever watched him play?”

Characterizing anyone or the site as a whole as “too positive/negative” probably doesn’t help. “I love what they’ve done and can’t wait for the season” is great. “This place sucks, can’t you see how awesome they’ve done” could probably be worded better.

We’re getting, and will continue to get, new readers and commenters. All are welcome. Yes it takes some time to integrate. But new blood is a good thing, we probably get sick and tired of each other anyway.

Please. Just take an extra second to consider what you are writing, and ask yourself if it could be said in a better way.

We’re the best community in Wolvesdom, and I want to keep it that way. Let’s not let this get away from us.


The Management.