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NBA Schedule: Difficult Stretch Comes Late for the Wolves

March is tough.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Hello friends.

We’re in the dog days of summer, and there isn’t a ton to report.

Some follow up on the schedule release from yesterday, some repeated from last evening’s article:

  • 25 National TV games
  • 13 back to backs
  • Home opener is the Jazz and the return of Ricky.
  • The second half of the schedule is much tougher than the first half; Wolves will need a strong start. March in particular is going to be difficult.

Still, none of it seems insurmountable.

With a significantly earlier start to the season (October 18th for the Wolves, as opposed to the usual late October) things will start to happen fast.

Guys who are still holding out for above minimum contracts will have to start making decisions sooner rather than later. There has been some talk that the Wolves might want to bring Shabazz Muhammad back, but that still feels like a long shot to me.

Today in History

1040: Duncan I, King of Scotland, killed in battle against his cousin, Macbeth.
1519: Panama City founded by Spanish conquistador Pedro Davila
1534: Ignatius of Loyola founds Jesuits
1620: Mayflower sets sail from Southampton, England
1824: Liberia established by freed American slaves
1870: Transcontinental railroad completed in Colorado
1892: William Gladstone forms his last British government
1911: Proctor & Gamble introduce Crisco
1914: Panama Canal opens
1945: Victory over Japan Day
1947: India gains independence from Britain
1950: Sukarno becomes first president of a united Indonesia
1960: Congo declares independence from France
1989: F.W. de Klerk becomes president of South Africa