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Friday Cup of Canis


Credit: karltowns (IG)

Hi friends. Happy Friday! I wanted to get a quick thread up for everyone, so this won’t be much. Fair warning.

For starters, since this is only a basketball blog and we should stick to sports, what are the best foods to eat at the Minnesota State Fair this year? Any intriguing new options? I ask because I am going next Saturday to celebrate my friend Tony Porter’s birthday (he covered the Lynx for us here at Canis last season) and want to arrive at the fair with a plan of attack. It’s going to be so crowded. Ugh, Tony. I already don’t want to go. Fine, it’s your birthday. I will go. I will. No matter what, there are two things I always have to get: one Pronto Pup and a Frozen Chocolate Banana. Looks like Uninterrupted is doing a special on Vince Carter called The Carter Effect. This should be cool.

Uh-Oh!!! Coming soon #TheCarterEffect @uninterrupted #ICantWait #HalfManHalfAmazing

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ICYMI: Our college colleague Drew wrote about Special Agent Jamal Crawford reporting for recruiting duty yesterday. I was originally ready to move on from Shabazz Muhammad, but if they can get him to come back on the minimum I believe my face has changed. Get him back.

Karl “No Games” Towns:

No Games.

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Here’s another image he posted on Snapchat.

Andrew Wiggins doesn’t tweet very often but he had something to say yesterday. What could this mission be? To take over the world perhaps?

2017-18 Minnesota Timberwolves preview: High expectations are weird for these fans

Eric and I were invited to be on the Limited Upside podcast with Mike Prada and Ben Epstein to talk about the Wolves as the guys make their way through previewing all 30 teams. Give it a listen.

If you don’t like listening to podcasts about the Wolves, here’s a song by Gus Dapperton. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you won’t.