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Andrew Wiggins Fires Agent, Maximum Contract Extension On Hold

Switching agencies at this juncture is an odd play by Wiggins but likely only delays the inevitable maximum contract extension.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Minnesota Timberwolves Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski has reported Andrew Wiggins and his agent Bill Duffy, of BDA Sports, are parting ways. The timing of this split is peculiar as Wiggins has a $148 million contract on the table from Glen Taylor who has publicly admitted his willingness to pay. A report Woj reaffirmed.

So why the split?

In Woj’s words, “rival agencies and potential start-up enterprises were recruiting Wiggins with inducements that included no commission fees on contracts.” Duffy and BDA Sports had been charging Wiggins as much as 4 percent commission on his contract, a normal and legal rate.

At $148 million, Wiggins contract would be the fifth largest deal in NBA history and to ditch the agency before the papers are signed is, at best, an odd look. Mostly because BDA Sports would still be entitled to their commission of the deal as the Players Association has guidelines that compensate previous agents for deals negotiated under their watch.

Wiggins and his camp’s frustrations likely extend beyond the commission rate of the agency. To fire an agency with the caliber of BDA at this point in the process—clients include Zach LaVine, Joakim Noah, Jahlil Okafor, Rajon Rondo and more—implies that Wiggins and his team have a better option they feel more comfortable with, moving forward, on the table.

This summer, Wiggins perception has taken a hit. Adidas, who sponsors Andrew, has reportedly backed off their focus on him as they are looking elsewhere for a signature shoe deal. Additionally, his name has swirled in trade rumors and there have been ample questions by the media if Wiggins is, in fact, worth the max. While an agent can not control public perception, firing an agent is a way to take out some of that frustration.

Wiggins is 22-years-old and a budding offensive star who averaged over 23 points per game in his third NBA season. To have your name dragged through the mud is understandably frustrating but this reaction is a bit startling given the timing of it all.

That said, from a fan perspective, this does not change the reality that Wiggins is signing a max extension with the Wolves. Per a source within the Wolves organization, his new agency could try and influence Wiggins to balk on the extension, but the belief is that is unlikely.

The new agency would benefit from getting Wiggins on a shorter term deal so as to get him on another deal sooner, a deal they would reap the financial benefits from. Wiggins himself has no financial incentive to do anything but grab the $148 million. If you fall in the Wiggy fan club, rest easy. Wiggins will very likely be signing a five-year contract in Minnesota.

Again, that deal looks like such:

Andrew Wiggins Max Contract Extension

Year Max Contract Extension w/ Wolves
Year Max Contract Extension w/ Wolves
2017-18 $7,574,323
Contract extension kicks in 2018-19
2018-19 $25,500,000
2019-20 $27,540,000
2020-21 $29,580,000
2021-22 $31,260,000
2022-23 $33,660,000
Five-Year Extension Total $147,900,000