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Karl-Anthony Towns Speaks Out On Charlottesville, Philando Castile, and Trump's Response

Thank you, Karl-Anthony.

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Hello, friends. We did it. We made it. It’s finally Friday and the weekend is almost here.

I’ll be brief this morning since I only came here for one reason. Karl-Anthony Towns wrote a post for the The Players’ Tribune that was published this morning and I wanted to link to the article here so everyone reads the piece. I really loved it and seriously appreciate him using his platform to make a difference.

Towns speaks out about the recent events in Charlottesville, Philando Castile being killed in St. Paul, and ultimately Trump's response, which should have been a fastbreak layup (denounce white supremacists) but instead he tripped in the paint “as the ball flies out of bounds,” as KAT wrote.

We all know how tremendous the BIG KAT is on the court but as he writes in the piece, basketball does not define him as a man. Using his platform to speak out like this is important and meaningful and makes me even more proud to say he’s a Wolf. These are the types of things that will define him.

Thank you for writing this eloquent piece, Karl-Anthony.