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What I Learned this Summer: Thibs Loves Cookies

After a prolonged break, it’s back to Timberwolves time.

Work is a tricky thing. Yes, it pays for you to live, but it takes so much time away from trolling the internet for Timberwolves stories or writing silly CH blogs. Stupid work forced me to take some time away from the Wolves this summer. I still scanned the headlines, punching the air in excitement with Jimmy Bucket’s arrival and punching the wall in frustration with Ricky’s departure, but I’ve had to set aside the title of “Professional Blogger” for several months. Unfortunately, blogging’s income stream isn’t quite as robust as some other professions.

With that being said, there have been some Timberwolves related stories that have caught my attention along the way. As we’re heading ever closer to the start of the season, I’ve decided to task myself with reporting to the class what I’ve learned this summer...

Part 1: Tom Thibodeau loves cookies:

It’s a short video but it’s one of the few times that I’ve seen Thibs outside of a basketball facility. I’ve always assumed that he just exists within the Target Center. If he has to leave the friendly confines, I envision him being genuinely annoyed, as it takes away from basketball time. But he looks happy here. Really happy. He seems relaxed, his voice is still intact, and he didn’t punch one of those kids wearing other teams’ jerseys. Conclusion...

Thibs Loves Cookies

The video begins with Tom discussing cookies and ends with him eating them. Everything in-between is just his journey towards gooey, chocolatey goodness. Yes, he’ll get serious and talk a little basketball along the way, but his main mission is to get the best cookies he’s ever had. The look of delight, the little chuckle, the overall cookie-bucket indulgence makes me want more of this version of Thibs. If things are going poorly during the season, if his grizzly bear bark is more extreme than usual, or when his face gets to that certain hue of red/purple during a game, I’m going to send him a bucket of cookies to remind him of this happy moment. Just a little cookie here and there might save Coach from the stress induced heart attack that we all know is coming.

Thibs Has a Plan

Tommy goes through every aspect of his life with a plan. His office has to be covered in Post-It note to-do lists, motivational quotes, and more acronyms than a military handbook. I can’t imagine it any other way. In basketball, his current agenda is to reassemble the 2014-15 Bulls, however, for the Minnesota State Fair, his agenda was the three C’s; Cookies, Curds, Corn. He definitely wrote that down on the car ride over. He looked at a map of all the vendors, circled his favorite choices, drew up some ICE techniques for bypassing lines, and executed his vision. And I can’t fault him. I might have said funnel cake or mini doughnuts, but he already has the sweets covered with the cookies. He has his sweets, his savories, and his vegetable serving for the day. Well done, Thibs.

Thibs Has a Body

I’m not quite clear how to assess or describe the body type of Thibodeau. If someone told me that he could deadlift a refrigerator or bench one of the Fair’s prize-winning cows, I would not be surprised whatsoever. At the 36 second mark, there’s a shot of him from behind, and I swear he’s wearing a set of the Viking’s shoulder pads. How does that man fit through doorways? On the other hand, he does have a basketball shaped belly and clearly loves cookies. Despite repeated Google Image searches for a topless Thibs, I came up with nothing. Unless proven otherwise, I’m going to assume that he possesses a Magnus Ver Magnusson-esque, strongman physique. Visual approximation below:

Overall, I thought it was a great video. He was interacting with fans, eating delicious food, and enjoying himself in the waning moments before the season starts. Before this, I assumed he was rocking back and forth in the depths of the Target Center, developing nervous ticks due to the lack of basketball in his life. It’s good to see that this isn’t the case.

I feel good to be back. Thanks to all of the other writers that have kept the content flowing this summer. I’m looking forward to one of the most exciting seasons that I can remember in a long time.