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Thursday Cup of Canis

On the Eve of Media Day.

Nike Unveils New NBA Partnership Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Hi all. Sorry for the delay with a thread today, it’s my fault. I was trying to write an article about the league’s proposal to change the lottery odds, but it’s becoming a bit unwieldy. Usually I can churn those out, but it’s taking me longer than usual. I’ll get it done sometime.

Also, there isn’t much else to report. Tomorrow is media day for the Wolves, and John and others will be on hand for us, hopefully with some terrific content later in the day and over the weekend.

A request from John, Dane, and Tony: What questions do want them to ask? Help would be appreciated. They are going to try to talk to every player there, so fire away in comments.

After that, the team flies to San Diego for training camp before heading to China for two games with the Warriors. We are finally nearing the season, which we await with great anticipation.

We also await a completed roster, but the Wolves do not appear to be in that big a hurry.

What else is happening? The Ringer published a silly article suggesting contraction of the league, but it’s mostly an excuse for rosterbation in the form of a dispersal draft. The Wolves are contracted (along with all teams from the 1987-88 expansion and later,) and Karl-Anthony Towns winds up on the Suns (2nd pick,) Jimmy Butler on the Lakers (3rd pick,) and Andrew Wiggins on the Blazers (11th pick.) Fun times. Oh, and oddly Jeff Teague goes 9th to the Nuggets.

Scrolling through Twitter, I just ran across this:

Could be entertaining.

Welp. That’s about all I got this morning. Sorry for the late and uninspired article. Just one of those days.