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Friday Funday: Preseason Questions

Answering the most important questions as the Timberwolves prepare to play actual basketball

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves-Media Day Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is almost upon us.

Before we get to the regular season, we first must get through the most important part of the NBA season, the preseason. The NBA’s preseason does not have the same fanfare of the NFL’s preseason, likely due to the lack of excitement factor that comes with the smaller probability of a key player getting injured for the year (knocks on all the wood).

However, that does not mean the NBA preseason games are devoid of intrigue. Just last year, the Timberwolves team provided a tantalizing glimpse of what was not to come, as the team went 5-2 over the seven-game period with the 4th best plus-minus of 6.1. However, according to, the only team win every game in the preseason, Real Madrid, did not even make the NBA playoffs, which just goes to show you how meaningful the preseason games are.

Regardless, this is the first time that we are going to be seeing a lot of these players in a Timberwolves uniform. The new additions of Jeff Teague, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Aaron Brooks, and Jamal Crawford have drastically changed the makeup of this roster. Quite a few of the players who played significant minutes last year are no longer with the team.

Thus, we have several important questions that will carry over the regular season that hopefully the preseason games can begin to answer.

What does a bench unit that centers around Aaron Brooks/Tyus Jones, Jamal Crawford, and Shabazz Muhammad look like?

The answer, no defense, but lots of fun. Kevin Martin is going to try to come out of retirement as he is reminded of the good ol’ days.

Will Tom Thibodeau further infuriate Canis Hoopus and Timberwolves Twitter in general by refusing to play Tyus Jones over Aaron Brooks?

75 percent chance to happen. Every Minnesota coach loves to mess with the fans with inexplicable rotations.

Will Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins play a combined 70 minutes in each preseason game?

Almost certainly

How many shot attempts will Taj Gibson take each game?

My guess is around two. Both will be within two feet of the basket.

How many long-twos will Andrew Wiggins take early in the shot clock in the preseason? Will the number of early long-twos decrease drastically once Jimmy Butler realizes what has been happening?

Eight and significantly.

What happens when Andrew Wiggins realizes that he is getting yelled at for taking the same shots that Jamal Crawford is taking all game?

Nothing. That is how he learns the NBA lesson of “keep gettin’ dem checks”

ESPN Front Row

Will Jeff Teague be able to grow a luxurious mane of hair like another unnamed NBA point guard

Unlikely, but maybe we will find out if Nemanja Bjelica is still mad about that time he got smacked in the face and defends the memory of his European brethren.

Will Karl-Anthony Towns grow despondent upon a defeat in the preseason and speak about how he needs to “lead this team” and take full responsibility for his lack of success, all while scoring 35 points and grabbing 15 rebounds?

Almost certainly. Jimmy Butler shall look on approvingly and the Kevin Garnett shall uncontrollably begin pounding his chest in Area 21.

Will Tom Thibodeau shout himself hoarse in a meaningless preseason game while treating families who thought it would be fun to take their children to a low-key Timberwolves game to a rousing chorus of expletives?

That was a trick question. That is like asking if there is any way to say the solid form of water other than ICE!!!

Let’s get excited to watch some real basketball. The wait is almost over.