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Monday Musings: Labor Day

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Summer is dwindling before our eyes on Labor Day. The day not only demarcates a celebration of labor and all of its achievements in our country, but also a seasonal shift. School typically starts tomorrow (my apologies to you if you are going), the Fall sports are about to kick off (quite literally), and pumpkin spice lattes are about to imminently appear in coffee shops all across America.

For NBA fans, all this means is that we are one step closer to the start of the NBA season. August is the dead month for the NBA, a time in which players, team staff, and front office executives typically take their vacation. Meaning the rest of us who cover the NBA really do not have much to do other than sit around, twiddle our fingers, and try to project exactly how the next season is about to unfold.

September shall bring more of that as the preparation for the upcoming season shall begin in earnest. As the NFL juggernaut begins its march into the public consciousness with their regular season, there will be a bevy of basketball players who are fighting to make a NBA roster throughout NBA training camps, which shall open in late September. For these players, this month will make or break their careers.

But, as for today specifically, none of that really matters. Today we get to celebrate the dog days of summer. I hope it is nice wherever you are and you can ignore the doomsday clock inching its way towards zero, at least for one day.

Andrew Wiggins dunking on people is here to cheer you up on this last day of summer.

Have a great day.