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Karl-Anthony Towns Launches YouTube Channel

More and more athletes are starting their own YouTube Channels these days to bring original content to the fans who support them and want to follow their journey in a more unique, up close and personal way.

Add Karl-Anthony Towns to the list. The star Timberwolves center announced his new channel on Twitter today.

The caption on his first video reads, “Welcome to my YouTube channel!! I’m excited to show you guys my life as it happens on and off the court. Looking forward to bringing you on the journey!”

Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant launched his YouTube channel last year and currently has 589,154 subscribers and over 21 million views. In an article published yesterday on Fortune, the following news was reported (as well as the tidbit that Towns would be launching his own channel):

“YouTube is partnering with Thirty Five Media, the creative development company Durant founded with his manager Rich Kleiman, to help other high-profile athletes launch their own dedicated YouTube channels, the company’s announced on Wednesday.”

We’ll see what kind of entertaining videos the BIG KAT will publish in the upcoming months. Maybe a video game night with Andrew Wiggins? He and Jimmy Butler could go ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka together? Perhaps a sit down with KG?

For now, if you’re interested in getting a better idea of Towns’ life on and off the court, hit that red subscribe button on his channel and wait patiently until that next video goes up.