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Wolvescast 67: Use Your Sock

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Inspired by Bjelica’s performance in Orlando, Neil and Scott are ready to rumble with another episode of Wolvecast. We revel in how great the team has been playing lately. Also, Butler and Towns’ All-Star odds, new Wolf Amile Jefferson, the triumphant return of Target Center Food Review, Lindsay Whalen as an FSN broadcaster, a media guide game and more.

This episode of Wolvescast is brought to you by Cole Aldrich’s Mouthguard Holster


NBA All Star 18 Jersey leak via ConradBurry

Amile Jefferson’s defense-first attitude could be a fit on Thibodeau’s Wolves -

Five Thirty Eight NBA Predictions -

Lindsay Whalen Instagram @Lindsay_13

2017-2018 Minnesota Timberwolves Media Guide

NBA Trade Deadline 2018: Will the Timberwolves Make a Move?

The Timberwolves do cool stuff on the basketball court. Also, sometimes random/funny things happen during the games. I try to put it all together into a video each week.