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Wolvescast 68: Weekly Bullies

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The Timberwolves continue to play NBA Basketball games so we continue to bring you podcasts! This week on the show we chat about Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns making the 2018 All Star team. Also, Andrew Wiggins’ incredible week, a brutal stretch of five games in seven nights, frigid Cold Takes, Zach LaVine’s return to the NBA, a game called “Ball in the Family”, and more.

This episode of Wolvescast is brought to you by Layden’s Law: A Drama-Free Way to Be.


Taj, Towns and Wiggins step up to fill a big void and lift Wolves to a significant win -

r/Timberwolves -

Jimmy Butlers Instagram “Thank You” to his teammates -

Thanks for listening everybody! Scott and I really appreciate it. Go Wolves!