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ButlerGate Chapter 243: The Infamous Players Only Meeting Has Happened

Sticking to the beats of the familiar story, the Wolves may be coming back together

Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Minnesota Timberwolves, can I be honest for a second? You are playing too much to type right now. After yesterday’s insanity, which ended up being an orchestrated PR move by Jimmy Butler and his agent, who have decided 4-D Chess is the way to go in the NBA, you sat around all day doing nothing. The path forward seemed clear. It was time to trade Jimmy Butler and fire Tom Thibodeau for allowing the Wolves to be put in such a difficult place.

Even practice was canceled. Something had to be up. Practice was canceled because you had to travel to Wisconsin? I don’t think so.

It seemed hard to believe that another twist could come. We have already reached burning dumpster fire status. The memes have become solidified, the Wolves were once again to become the laughingstock of the NBA. We were ready for this. But now, now you have decided to add in another chapter? That’s a bridge too far for even for Wolves fans.

Enter the player’s only meeting.

Maybe it was Andrew Wiggins dapping him at the end of the now-famous practice where Jimmy Butler took a bunch of third-stringers and beat the starters. The tweets don’t get as many clicks if you talk about how the scrimmages were only six-minutes long and anyone who has played pick-up with a crazy person who is trying to injure everyone knows how much fun that can be.

Maybe Karl-Anthony Towns has been reading social media all morning about how he can show how tough he really is by socking Jimmy if he mouths off at him again and wants to run it back so he can give it a go.

Whatever is going on, this is not going to end well. All indications point to these bridges being fully burnt and the Wolves are just doing an incredible effort to ensure that Towns requests a trade as soon as possible.

Who is going to save us from this mess?

We are so screwed.


Did the players meeting even happened? In his first tweet in months, Jeff Teague casts doubt.

Buttttt, Jimmy says it happened. So now the question is, who did Jimmy have the meeting with? Only the players he considers his teammates? Was it just Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, and Luol Deng discussing the fact that Joakim may be free to join them soon?

Are the Wolves the dumbest team alive? Most certainly. More things likely to come today.