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Jimmy Butler Controls Narrative While Wolves Remain Silent

Wednesday was a fiasco orchestrated by Jimmy Butler while the organization sat helplessly, silently by as they were humiliated by their wayward star.

Wednesday was a fiasco orchestrated by Jimmy Butler while the organization sat helplessly, silently by as the All-Star embarrassed the franchise and its key players in his return to practice.

After which, he gave an interview with Rachel Nichols on ESPN, once again reminding anyone who dare forget about it that he’s the hardest working guy around (when he decides to show up for training camp.)

The Wolves, meanwhile, said nothing. Apparently afraid of a repeat, Tom Thibodeau cancelled practice yesterday, but Jimmy Butler either organized a players-only meeting or he didn’t, depending on who you talk to, but some talking seems to have taken place.

Once again, Butler controlled the message, letting out that he told his team mates, (dubiously) that he would compete with them as long as he was there, and that his problems are with management, a hollow statement after all the barely concealed disdain he has shown for both Andrew WIggins and Karl-Anthony Towns.

The Wolves have allowed this to unfold over the last 48 hours without saying a word, and it’s hard to understand how they have let this go on.

We now know with near certainty that the Wolves had a deal essentially done on Monday with the Heat that would have included Josh Richardson, Dion Waiters, and a protected first round pick, but that Thibs backed out at the last minute, seemingly wanting what he now has, Jimmy Butler still on the squad.

That bit from Doogie, that Taylor, despite demanding Butler be traded, is still letting Thibs and Scott Layden handle this, is...well, not surprising given past history, but really hard to fathom.

It is becoming more and more clear that Thibs is never going to willingly trade his favorite player, his security blanket. This is contrary to both the player’s wishes and the owner’s wishes, and that Taylor has let it go this far when he specifically and unambiguously ordered a trade is yet another indictment of his ownership.

That the whole organization has let the last 48 hours unfold as it has without any sort of push back or action is, in truth, an indictment of Taylor’s dithering, indecisive ownership.

While Jimmy Butler himself has acted...less than professionally, it’s his obvious frustration that led to his actions in the last two days, actions he warned both Thibs and Taylor were coming. He has seized control of the narrative to try to get what he wants, and the Wolves seem incapable of responding.

Another week in Wolvesville.