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The Jimmy Butler Saga Gets Reignited

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Cleveland Cavaliers v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Things seemed quiet, and in fact I was not expecting anything substantive to be reported on Jimmy Butler’s standing trade request anytime soon. This despite the obvious difficulties his presence (and that of Thibs) is creating.

Actually, let’s start there: Things are a mess. Everyone is unhappy—Butler wants out, KAT is miserable, other players are not happy. If things don’t change in the near term, I expect to hear leaks about several guys wanting out. Even if Butler is traded soon, that’s probably not going to change until there is a change in leadership. This is what Glen Taylor is either not understanding or refusing to act on. Things could get much, much worse, or at least more public in the coming months.

It’s always worrisome when Charles Barkley understands the situation better than your team’s leadership:

But last night, it was reported that the Rockets had re-entered the fray in an attempt to pry Butler from the Wolves. It turns out, as best we can tell, that the Rockets offer is injured players Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss, and four first round picks. Those picks would start in 2019 and continue in 2021, 2023, and 2025.

The Wolves, however, have apparently shown no interest:

Which I think is right. Those picks, while nice to have, are not top notch assets, and the players involved don’t help. Knight is still owed $16M for next season, and the Wolves should have no interest in taking that on.

Meanwhile, however, news of that offer has apparently shaken some things loose, as reports are that the Heat have reengaged as well:

Of course, there is every chance that this is merely a reprise of last month, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Thibs still doesn’t want to trade Butler, and as far as I know, Taylor has once again retreated and is letting the FO handle it, even after his “promise” to Butler at the end of training camp.

At this point, I hope something gets done simply so we can move on. This franchise needs a compete reboot, which isn’t likely to come until Glen Taylor sells the team, but the immediate issue is moving on from Butler so the team can go about it’s season in a less fraught manner. Really, Taylor needs to completely clean house if he wants to rebuild a relationship between Towns (among others) and the organization, but I’ve lost all hope of that happening before next summer at the earliest.

Meanwhile, we can once again chew on the Butler trade possibilities. I still want Josh Richardson.

What ya think?