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Thursday Cup of Canis

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Two in a row on the road

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies for the lack of a recap for last night’s fault. There was a bit of scheduling confusion that I didn’t realize was happening.

I’d recap now, but I was unable to watch the game, hence the confusion. Looks like the Wolves were more or less in control the whole way behind Derrick Rose and Karl-Anthony Towns. Rose obviously enjoyed his return to Chicago, and received some “MVP” chants at one point.

They have managed two in a row on the road following their stirring win over the Thunder. After a stop at home to face the woeful Hawks, they are back on the road for three games in four nights. They have managed to slip into 13th place in the West ahead of the plummeting Pelicans.

Which leads us to the big story in the NBA, apparently: Anthony Davis trade talk. It won’t happen this season—it only becomes a thing if Davis turns down a supermax extension this summer. At that point, with a year left on his deal, the Pels will almost have to trade him. Until then, they have to try to get better around him.

Ignoring the Wolves, are people enjoying this NBA season? I ask because we are looking at an unusual level of parity. at least in the Western Conference. The Warriors are at the moment on pace for about 54 wins, a total that rarely is enough to top the conference (and probably won’t be this season, but still.) This has been a subject of much discussion over the years: Would the league be better off if the standings look more like they do now, or how they normally look, with a handful of teams pushing or surpassing 60 wins? I’m personally enjoying it, but I don’t know how much of that is simply the novelty of it.

Anywho, once again, sorry for the lack of a recap. We’ll get things sorted out so this doesn’t happen again.

What’s on your mind today?