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Wednesday Cup of Canis

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Good morning

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NBA: Houston Rockets at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all. We need a new thread, but I don’t have much to offer, nor much time.

  • Markelle Fultz has apparently been diagnosed with a nerve problem in his shoulder. I hope this is the case and it’s something that can be fixed—and he can get his career moving in the right direction. Hate to see talented guys lost to injury.
  • Nice article in The Athletic from Jon K about the Wolves new defensive energy and effectiveness, focusing of course on the contributions from Robert Covington and Dario Saric.
  • Western Conference craziness: The Clips and Nuggets tied at the top (16-7.) The Blazers have dropped to 8th with last night’s loss to Dallas. Portland has lost six of seven and look to be in some trouble. Wonder if changes are coming there. Wolves will visit Portland Saturday night.
  • By the way, in that Mavericks win, here’s some Luka Doncic:
  • Behind the Blazers (13-11,) the next six teams range from 12-11 (Kings!) to 11-13 (Spurs.) It’s nuts.
  • Which makes every game compelling for all of these teams. The Wolves host Charlotte tonight before a long road heavy stretch to the new year. All of these games are big.

I dunno. Looking forward to the game tonight, but I gotta run. Have a good day everyone.