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Wolvescast Digest: Destiny Still Arrives

Happiness equals reality minus expectations.

Welcome to Wolvescast Digest, a weekly roundup of NBA odds and ends related to your favorite hometown team. With so much fun NBA content on the web, it can be easy to miss things. We’re here to draw attention to the things that may have sifted through the cracks in your overtaxed attention spans. Feel free to leave a comment with anything that you feel deserves inclusion.

This week is driving me crazy. Six days between games is too many. All we can do is fill our time watching our Western Conference competition and being stressed. Nemanja Bjelica is here to lift our spirits in these tense times.

“My parents called me like ‘What are you doing?’ my wife was laughing, people from Serbia too,” [Bjelica] said with a laugh after Monday’s practice.

While most of us might thing twice about pulling our pants down in front of 18,000 people, Bjelica didn’t seem too bothered by it.

“Maybe I pulled my shorts way down but I have my tights so… I tried to pull my shorts inside my jersey, and you know, here in the USA, they make jokes from anything.”

We certainly do, Nemanja. We certainly do.

Welcome Brian Sampson to Canis Hoopus Familia

Let’s all welcome Brian to the team by watching his excellent video about the Wolves dabbling with zone defense this season.

Appreciate the Range of Outfits in This Photo

Gorgui Dieng hosted his second annual fundraiser for the Gorgui Dieng Foundation, and the crew came through with the support.

All-Star Weekend Looks Exhausting. Allow KAT to Be Your Tour Guide.

Your Defending World Champions Staff Up for Their Title Defense

Neil put took off his podcast hat and slipped into his reporter shoes to give you the scoop about the Lynx trading their draft pick for veteran guard Danielle Robinson. He asked the best coach in Minnesota sports history about it:

“It’s important to surround that core group with players that have that hunger, that haven’t done it before, that have that eagerness to say ‘I’ve watched you guys do this, I want to do it for me.’ I think that hunger is important because it’s contagious.”

Jamal Crawford Remembers All of His Coaches. Can You Remember All of Your Elementary School Teachers?

Or all of your bosses? Former lovers? Memorable snacks?

Your Area 21 Clip of the Week

The Big Ticket reminisces about the challenges traveling on the road with the Wolves before he turned 21. He’s joined this week by former Wolves player and coach, “Salty” Sam Mitchell, former WNBA star, Katie Smith, and former Wolf LEGEND Ricky Davis aka Get Buckets. Earlier in the day, Ricky joined The Starters and talked about the most infamous triple-double attempt in Wolves history.

One Final Dose of KG for the Week

In a GQ interview appropriately titled “Kevin Garnett Is Ready to Talk About Anything,” we find Da Kid in classic form.

Tyronn Lue said you got so intense watching Making the Band that you headbutted a hole in the wall at his place.

I got intense off Making Da Band because it was about Puff putting people in situations to win, and you know what, if you want to sleep again, if you want this bed, well this is the bed, how bad do you want this bed. I understood that. I recognized it. I was able to connect with it. We were all watching it, flipping channels and when we stopped on that shit, I was like oh snap, who is gonna rise to the occasion and earn that bed. They were like, what? I was like, I’m feeling this, it was about not getting stepped on. That’s how sports was. Every year I would come in and tell anybody who was trying to get my spot that they were a dud. Like nah, ain’t nobody taking this spot because I’m willing to die for it. I can’t think of any show that gets me turnt like that now, maybe some National Geographic shit, but no, nothing like that show did.

Everyone Is Going Through Something

Shouts to Kevin Love for opening up about his mental health. As somebody who also lives with mental health issues, I strongly believe we need to cultivate a society that can openly discuss mental health. “Everyone is going through something” is one of my mantras in life. Kudos to Kevin for using his platform to shine light on the issue. I hope any of you who booed him in January feel terrible, ya jerks.

Time for Another Jam Session

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