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Tuesday Cup of Canis

This and that from the NBA

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Just a few notes for your morning:

LeBron James gave his first interview since signing with the Lakers. He discusses the move, but more importantly, the new school he is opening in Akron, in conjunction with the public school system.

The school is designed to help at-risk students achieve by delivering not only education but also services to students and their families intended to help with problems outside the classroom that impact learning. You can read more about it here. It sounds pretty amazing.

Carmelo Anthony has reportedly completed his buyout with the Hawks following his trade from the Thunder, and appears headed for the Houston Rockets. The Rockets also recently re-signed Clint Capela to a five year, $90M contract, which is a terrific deal for the team. I don’t love everything they’ve done this summer, but there is no doubt the Rockets remain formidable in the Western Conference.

Jimmy Butler had some sort of procedure on his hand the other day, but is already back in the gym. It has been called “elective,” whatever that means, but the Wolves and Butler have been silent on the nature of the procedure. In fact, we probably only heard about it at all because someone got photos of him in a bandage, and social media took it from there. Nobody seems to think it’s any cause for concern at all.

Josh Okogie seems to be ingratiating himself with the Minnesotans. He’s done a bunch of things around town, but most importantly took this photo with the best athlete in the state:

Amile Jefferson, who the Wolves had on a two-way contract last season, and on their summer league team this year, has signed a two-way deal with the Orlando Magic. Hopefully he gets a shot with them; I would have been fine with him occupying one of the Wolves’ empty roster spots. While is not a star in the making, he does one thing at an NBA level, which is rebound. He had a terrific year in the G-League last season, and I suspect he could help an NBA team in a limited role.

August is traditionally the deadest month on the NBA calendar, but the Wolves still have a couple of roster spots to address. It’s not clear what they plan to do about those and whether or not they are going to sign any more guaranteed contracts before training camp gets underway. There remain a handful of interesting players on the market, including Rodney Hood and David Nwaba, a couple of guys I might look into.

We are going to start previewing the upcoming season in earnest next week hopefully. Meanwhile, what’s on your mind?