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Weekend Cup of Canis

Cause we need a new thread.

I Promise School Grand Opening Celebration With LeBron James Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Happy Saturday everyone. Thought it was time for a new thread.

  • There are rumors that the Wolves will have a fifth jersey option this season—a “classic” jersey from their past. NBA uniform guru Conrad Burry suggests it might be something like this:
Possible Wolves “classic” jersey for 2018-19
Conrad Burry

I was never a particular fan of that look, but it does bring back some good (Garnett) memories.

  • Kevin Pelton has published his 2018-18 RPM-based win projections. It’s an insider piece of course, but he pegs the Wolves for 49.6 wins and fifth in the conference. This is a projection based on the Wolves having better health this season from Jimmy Butler, so cross your fingers.
  • The NBA Africa Game takes place today at 10:00 am Central on ESPN2. Unlike last year, Gorgui Dieng is not participating this season, but a lot of big NBA names will be out there for both the Africa team and the World team.
  • This:

This comes as LeBron James merely opens a brand new public school in his hometown, funded by James but a part of the Akron Public School system.

  • As Neil has written in his recaps of the last two games, the Lynx are in a bit of trouble. Looking good heading into the All-Star break, they have lost two straight on the road to quality teams coming out of it, dropping down to 7th in the table. They look a clear level below the best teams this season.
  • MNUFC host the Seattle Sounders tonight. Come On You Loons!