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Thursday Cup of Canis

News and notes around Wolvesdom

Photo credit: @karltowns (IG)

The NBA will release the full 2018-19 schedule this Friday and, as always, it’s going to be really hard to find any losses for the Wolves (82-0!) as they have assembled one of the greatest joint ventures in league history under Tom Thibodeau, known simply as the TimberBulls.

Just wait until Joakim Noah signs for the veterans minimum next month after the Knicks waive him and stretch the remaining two years and $37.8 million left on his deal.

Now that we’ve started on a positive note, here’s what we currently know about the schedule:

No nationally televised Wolves’ games during opening week or Christmas/MLK Day? Good. 44.5 wins as the over/under in Vegas? Also good. Maybe they can go under the radar a bit to start next season. Less hype will help them, I think.

In other league news, the Blazers feel disrespected yet again. How many years is that in a row? Maybe don’t get swept in the first round by the Pelicans. I‘m spitballing here.

A few quick hitters...

I love the signing of sharpshooting journeyman James Nunnally. Low-risk move for a potential 3-and-D guy who can play backup wing minutes behind Butler and Wiggins. Our dear friend Kyle covered that move. Nunnally’s contract should look like this, with gaurentee triggers along the way:

Year 1: $1,349,383
Year 2: $1,588,231

Anybody have a good nickname for him? So. Much. Puntential.

Jerry Zgoda is leaving the Wolves beat. Best wishes to him moving forward.

Wolves announced their preseason schedule yesterday and will play five games against strong competition.

First thought: there can’t be any excuses about a China trip this season!

Second thought: We get to see our Bucks twice!

What else is on your mind today?