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Friday, I Mean Thursday, Cup of Canis: Trade Talks Continue Amid Training Camp

Will a deal get struck today?

Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics - Game Two Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Good morning all. Is today the day the Jimmy Butler situation gets resolved and he moves to another team?

All of the talk over the last day is about the Miami Heat as the most likely landing spot for Butler, but so far no deal has been struck, and the sense I get is that the teams are still very far apart on compensation for Butler.

As far as I can tell, the Heat have thus far not made Josh Richardson available, but instead are trying to craft a deal around guys like Dion Waiters. I understand their reluctance to trade Richardson—in their position I wouldn’t do it—but for the Wolves, nothing else really makes sense. Waiters is a negative asset for the Wolves, it would probably be better for them to get nothing at all for Butler. Including an exchange of Gorgui Dieng for Hassan Whiteside is at best mildly appealing, but ultimately, without Richardson, there is not a deal with Miami I would do.

If Miami won’t budge, I’d rather revisit a deal with Houston for Eric Gordon—something I also have little interest in, but still. Better than a Waiters package.

Meanwhile, there has been talk about involving a third team. The Kings have emerged as a possible landing spot for some salary (likely Gorgui Dieng, who the Wolves are motivated to move), as they have cap room they are willing to use, but will of course require draft compensation to do so. The Suns have been mentioned as they have been in a summer-long search for a point guard, and have previously expressed interest in Tyus Jones. How that would all work is unclear.

After initial optimism that there might be a good return on Butler, it appears that things have gone in the other direction, and the Wolves are not getting quality offers, at least as far as I can tell. That can always change, and it only takes one team to offer something worthwhile. Hopefully we get there.

Meanwhile, camp continues. Among the notes:

  • Canis favorite Derrick Rose has been playing beside Jeff Teague with the starting unit in practices. Thrilling.
  • Josh Okogie has apparently impressed with his tenacity and hustle. Which is what a rookie trying to find his place should be doing; hopefully it translates.
  • The Wolves actually play two days from now, Saturday against the Warriors in Oakland.

This is your morning thread. We’ll be back with more if and when there is news to discuss.