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Maccabi Haifa at Wolves: Home at Last

The Wolves play their only home preseason game tonight against a team from the Israeli league.

Minnesota Timberwovles v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Maccabi Haifa at Wolves
7:00 p CDT
FS North

The Wolves are finally playing at home! At a reasonable hour! On Fox Sports North!

Of course they are playing a non-NBA squad; Maccabi Haifa has been on a tour of the U.S. serving as practice fodder for a series of NBA teams. They lost to the Grizzlies and Blazers in the last week by 35 and 36 points respectively, so it’s not clear whether we will learn much from this tilt.

We can expect to see rotations more like what we will see when the regular season starts, which is the thing to watch for. Who is getting minutes, and at what spots? Will they continue to let Jarrett Culver run point as he has at times in the first two preseason games. Where are the wing minutes going? Will we see any two big lineups?

I don’t expect the key guys to play a full regular season game’s worth of minutes, but we are likely to see those minutes begin to ramp up, along with tighter rotations.

And a lot of three pointers.

I’m not going to list the expected starting lineups, because I don’t know who the Wolves will run out there at the other wing spot, and I have no idea who Haifa even has on their roster.

But let’s have fun watching.