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NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Washington Wizards

Wolves 131, Wizards 109: Jeff, Andrew, Robert, and The Gorguissance

Winning cures everything! (Even suspensions)

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The first words that came to mind on Saturday night in Wolvesdom: Murder She Wrote. Without Karl-Anthony Towns, that feels like a noteworthy sentiment and not in typical fashion, either.

Washington couldn’t come close to hanging with the Wolves even with the suspended KAT. A true team win in DC, and dominant victory, made the absence of Towns feel less consequential and severe. In fact, this is a squad that finally feels deep and cool and fun to watch again. There’s a captivating style and substance about these Wolves.

The True Watchability % of this team is out of this world, which they showed in Washington without their superstar big man. (Yes, I made this bodacious new analytic up.)

The strong early quarter feelings, that everything was going to be alright, proved accurate as the Wolves ended up crushing the Wizards, 131-109. The game was never really all that close and a blowout win ensued. Even without their suspended superstar in the lineup, after an unfortunate brawl with Joel Embiid, the Wolves’ started hot and never looked back. The tremendous scoring prowess of Bradley Beal couldn’t shift the storyline.

Andrew Wiggins looked ready to make a statement early on. His 21 points set the tone, as did his 6 dimes and 5 rebs. Starting in place of Towns was Gorgui Dieng. His 18 points, 8 boards, and 5 stocks proved an undeniable worth some of us have not so quickly forgotten over time; the longest tenured Wolf is more than capable. Robert Covington and Jarrett Culver added 20 points. Without KAT, the Wolves still controlled the night with various contributions from a roster that’s deeper than ever before. It’s true: This was a total team effort on the east coast without Towns in the lineup. This was a statement win and a tremendous team message. There was never any question who would win after such a dominant first half.

To be honest...SHOUT-OUT TO JEFF TEAGUE AND GORGUI DIENG. Both stepped up admirably. The Box Score below speaks for itself, but to be very clear: Teague was an elite point guard in this game, The Gorguissance is not something to take lightly, and Jake Layman brought the scoring punch that’s made his worth quite obvious.

Mr. Culver (20 points, 5 rebs) also flashed his skills, demonstrating why the Wolves feel so strongly about his future.


Grievances? I can’t think of any at the moment.

Jeff, Andrew, Robert, and The Gorguissance showed out in Washington without Towns. Culver flashed the goods. Everything is glowing these days. We should all try to enjoy the highs. Lord knows the lows wait right around the corner.