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Wolves Sign Cameron Reynolds to 10-Day Contract

Will look to make his NBA debut with the Timberwolves

NCAA Basketball: Tulane at Temple Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Wolves have signed Cameron Reynolds to a 10-Day contract according to reports. Reynolds is a 24 year old forward who has been playing this season with the Stockton Kings in the G-League, his first season as a professional after a college career at Tulane. He went undrafted in 2018.

While it’s unlikely this results in anything long term, it’s the kind of signing I’m happy to see the Wolves make. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, they have to get more creative with their roster and find inexpensive contributors, and one of the ways smart teams do that is mining the UDFA market for overlooked potential.

Reynolds has emerged as a perimeter threat this season, shooting 42 percent from three on seven attempts per game. At 6’8”, he has great size for a wing, and at least a punchers chance at a reasonable 3-and-D career in the NBA.

Dakota Schmidt wrote about him just a couple of weeks ago at SBN’s G-League site Ridiculous Upside. Schmidt points out that Reynolds has been improving all season, and putting up his best numbers in recent weeks.

It will be interesting to see whether Reynolds gets any kind of a look. With the Wolves still trying to grind out wins and get back into the playoff race, veteran players like Luol Deng, Anthony Tolliver, and Derrick Rose have been seeing more minutes. But none of those guys are under contract for next season, and none of them are likely part of the Wolves future.

While it’s unlikely, a guy like Reynolds might be useful in the future, and it would behoove the Wolves to get as good a look as they can at him before letting him go.