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Pacers 122, Wolves 115: A Glass Case of Emotion!

NORTHEAST, MINNEAPOLIS — A roller coaster season of emotions has taken its toll on the rightfully impatient passengers.

Nobody wants to drink warm milk in a hot phone booth anymore, except that’s exactly the uncomfortable position we’re currently in. There’s only one drink on the menu.

Yes, that’s marrying two different scenes from Anchorman as a lede that might not make sense. I guess that’s what we’re serving at Denny’s in Bloomington* tonight.

*Official Canis Headquarters

*Phone call

This is Eric in Madison.


John, are you okay?

Pacers punted us out of the playoffsssssuhhhhh [inaudible] ugh!

Calm down.
Breathe, John,

The man that loved the dunkzzzzz uuuhhhargggaahh!

What did the bad player do?

No more dunkzzzzzz on the centersss uuhhhhhggggahhhh!
Where’ssss the Denny’sssssss corp. card!

They took Wiggins out of the game!?

Bogdanoviccccc with jumperrrrrrzzz
and he kept draining them againnnnnnn again againzz
Bojannnn did!

Someone couldn’t guard him?

No, wait.
Let me say something.
Let me say someeeeeething.
[Inaudible screams about pick-and-roll defense, turnovers, and horrible shot selection]

I... I don’t... I didn’t... understand one word you said about the game.
John, are you okay?
Where are you?

I’m in a glass case of Wolfmotionzzzz!


Wolves tumbled again on the road, fighting admirably most of the night before losing control late. KAT was sensational again, putting up 23 points, 7 rebounds, and two dimes in the first quarter in Indy. He continued to dominate throughout the game, balling at such a ridiculously high level as an unstoppable offensive force. That was the highest scoring quarter of Towns’ career. But of course, his 42/17 wasn’t enough.


Bojan Bogdanovic (37/6/4) was unguardable for the Pacers. The point guards Darren Collison (8/9/7) and Cory Joseph (8/12/5) shred the Wolves, who fought hard on the back-to-back (Pacers were also on the b2b flying from Dallas) but once again faltered in crunch time. My son T.J. Leaf had 18 points.


Twitter can write the rest of the story...


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